Production Capacity

Over the last decade Bandbox has improved & increased their production capacity by BMRE of the project. To cope with the modern washing & dry cleaning technology, Bandbox has adopted more sophisticated and modern equipment. At present the production capacity of the plant is 12000 pieces of linens/clothes per day on single shift basis.

Process Flow

Clothes are received from the customers at different showrooms. It is then sent to factory where checking, sorting and marking take place. The clothes are divided into categories viz woolen cotton, etc. The woolen materials are sent to dry cleaning machine where in they are cleaned. It is then pressed in utility press and form finished. Thereafter, it is wrapped in poly bags for final delivery to the customers. The suits safaris are delivered along with plastic hangers.

Quality Management

Bandbox introduced 10-step quality check system starting from receiving the linen for treatment and ends at the delivery point. Each and every item is individually pass through quality checking at each point of this system and if any output is found not up to the mark it is returned back for process again. IF required they ask for permission from the customer to go for further treatment of the linen.

Plant & Machinery in Brief

As stated earlier, Bandbox always uses the best quality raw material & equipment to ensure quality service. The total factory space has move up to 20,000 sqft to accommodate new machinery. At present the daily production/up to finishing of different linen capacity around 7000 pcs. in single shift. Recently they installed a BOWE P30 dry-cleaning machine from Germany. It is known as Rolls Royce of washing industry. It is the biggest of the BOWE family. Most of the machinery are of Europe & USA origin. This is a reflection of Bandbox’s commitment for customer satisfaction. To ensure uninterrupted production & delivery service, the company maintains a second line of complete machinery and also sufficient inventory of spare parts. Installing a Mercedes Benz Gas Engine generator ensures continuous power supply. In order to uninterrupted supply Bandbox installed all the auxiliary as standby viz. Boiler, Air compressor, Power Generator etc.

Raw Materials

Since its commencement, Bandbox has been using detergent & other chemicals of international brands to ensure quality of work. All detergents, spotting chemicals, perchoethylene etc. are from BUFA of Germany and ICI, England, Protek Chemical, Si


All the 30 show rooms are located at various locations throughout Dhaka & Narayangonj city. Bandbox has 8 vehicles in operation, which enables it to maintain its delivery schedule smoothly.


As mentioned earlier, Bandbox is self-sufficient in generating its electrical power. It has its own Submersible water pump for continuous supply of water. It has obtained Environment Clearance Certificate from the concerned department of Government and strictly follows all the procedures to prevent any kind of environment pollution.